Competitively-priced payment processing

FortisPay and Oliver POS have partnered to bring U.S. store owners the best payment processing rates, both in-store and online.
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Streamline your business with FortisPay and Oliver POS

When you have the right payment processor, day-to-day activities, like tracking payments and reconciliation, take minutes, not hours.
Exceptional rates
See how much you’ll save with a personalized rate comparison.
Manage payments easily with a single merchant account.
Next-day funding
Next-day funding at no extra cost.
White-glove service
Fast, friendly, and helpful merchant support.
Easy Acceptance
Accept all major forms of payment such as debit, credit, contactless, mobile, and more.
Enhanced Security
Our technology incorporates PCI Compliant standards and tokenization, ensuring secure transactions.
Customized reports
Make data-driven decisions with detailed, on-demand reporting, instant alerts and nightly emails.
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About FortisPay

FortisPay is a US-based payment gateway for in-store and online transactions that offers simple enrolment, transparent pricing, and 24/7 merchant support.
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Simplify in-store and online sales

Process secure online payments with a single payment gateway in:
eCommerce stores
Pop-up shops
Food trucks
Card-not-present payment processing

Unbeatable rates

Stop sacrificing your hard-earned profits to your payment processor. FortisPay guarantees to meet or beat your current payment processor rate, and offers total transparency with no hidden fees or costs. Learn more about the best payment processor for WooCommerce in the US.
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24/7 support

FortisPay is serious about customer service – their white-glove support means they’ll hold your hand every step of the way. Get a personalized, step-by-step walkthrough to help set up your payment processor, online or in-store. Plus, take advantage of 24/7 free merchant support from setup to credit card and payment processing, and everything in between.
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Heightened security

By maintaining PCI compliance and using tokenization to protect your customer’s data, you can trust FortisPay to keep every transaction as secure as possible.
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